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Tracetec News

Shoot out during Recovery

Tracetec Received a call from one of its Broker clients on 04th of July 2018 at roughly 10h08 reporting that one of the vehicles on their client’s database had been stolen.

24 hour Operations team spoke to the owner of the vehicle to gather more info and proceed with activation.

Tracetec Recovery agents were dispatched and SAPS notified of the incident.

Recovery team followed signals around the clocks from Soweto to Witpoortjie and then to Riverlea and Langlaagte where they finally recovered the vehicle in Meadowlands on 01st of August 2018

SAPS arrested 2 suspects; finger prints were taken and added into database. SAPS also impounded the vehicle.

A job well done to all involved and working day in and day out to find this vehicle.