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Car Tracking System

If you are considering buying an expensive asset, such as a car, you should investigate the use of a car tracking system. Our car tracking system is called TRACETEC PTY LTD; this is a stolen vehicle recovery product.

TRACETEC PTY LTD is an affordable alternative to established car tracking system technology. If you are interested in protecting your lifestyle assets, it is recommended that you consider using our TRACETEC PTY LTD car tracking system.

The TRACETEC PTY LTD car tracking system operates by continually emitting its individual signal 24 hours a day, 7days a week and 52 weeks a year. In the unfortunate event of a theft, you will call our control centre, your cars individual tracking system number will be "red-flagged" and our countrywide infrastructure of fixed and mobile beacons will be alerted. Your continuously updated car-tracking signal will allow our mobile response teams to track, locate and recover your asset.

TRACETEC PTY LTD is a small and easily concealed tracking system. Installation is convenient, as we have mobile fitters able to visit at your home or place of business. Installation is also possible at the dealership before you take possession of your vehicle.
TRACETEC PTY LTD has its own 5-year battery and installation does not require cutting into electronics or wiring, therefore it is harder to detect than other vehicle monitoring system, which are usually installed in the cars electrics.
TRACETEC PTY LTD car tracking system can be installed in all vehicles and marine crafts including bikes, quads, cars, jet skis, trucks, trailers and off-road vehicles.
TRACETEC PTY LTD has no fixed term contract; you are able to cancel your TRACETEC PTY LTD vehicle monitoring system at any time, whereas most other vehicle tracking companies require a 2-3 year contract.
When you consider installing a car tracking system, you may need to be sure that the product will meet your insurance requirements.
TRACETEC PTY LTD is fully approved by the South African Insurance Association. The South African Insurance Association also audits our car tracking systems recovery rate and we exceed the minimum recovery rate of 70%.

After spending your hard-earned and hard-saved money on an expensive lifestyle asset, do you not want to ensure protection of this asset? Having a car tracking system is a precaution - it is a peace-of-mind method to ensure that your car, if stolen, will be recovered and returned to you.

With us, you can get that perfect tracking system at an affordable rate – in fact, it is so cost effective – you will not even think about it. Our technology and service was developed to provide users with a useful and worthwhile car tracking system. We hope you see the benefit of our product and to choose us today. We will ensure that you have sustained peace of mind. Worrying about safety can be a burden – but we take it away.