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Tracetec Early Warning System

Using Tracetec’ s RFID readers and TAG's we offer an Early Warning System that can warn you of the following.

  • Intrusion detection using our vibration sensors
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Open or Closed
  • Motion

The System can be used as a standalone or can be integrated into existing alarm systems.

Use case for this system

  • House Alarms for external monitoring of

    • Gates

    • Windows

    • Doors

    • Gardening Equipment

    • Gate motors

    • Roof

  • Industrial

  • Farming

  • Telecommunications

  • Museums

Current RF Hardware


Access Reader RX211

Compact Reader (RX50 Solo)


Industrial Asset Tag with Accelerometer (TGA-Kinetic)

Industrial Asset Tag (TGA)

Industrial Asset Tag with Temperature Sensor (TGA-A-TEMP)