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Tracetec News

Shoot out during Recovery

Tracetec operations department was notified that his vehicle had been stolen just after 15h00 PM on 9th February in Unitaspark Gauteng.

He advised that his wife phoned him in a panic that their house was broken into and the Mercedes stolen from the garage. It was noted that jewellery as well as a 76 inch TV had been taken along with the vehicle.

Tracetec recovery agents were dispatched and SAPS was notified.

At around 14h00 the vehicle was recovered by the Tracetec ground team in a park in Kempton Park. There was a shootout between the Police and 4 suspects that ended up running away.

Vehicle was damaged internally and externally. The back window was damaged due to the shootout but luckily no one was injured. Tracetec ground team also recovered a gun (make not named) along with ammo.

Ground team handed over the Vehicle to the Constable who then took it to the nearest pound.

Thank you to everyone involved in this recovery and for their bravery.