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Tracetec News


Tracetec client called in to report the hijacking in Ruimsig Johannesburg.
The vehicle belongs to a prominent football manager. The clients wife was hijacked by two armed suspects.
Tracetec Ground Team was dispatched and SAPS notified.

In the early hours of the morning our agents received a signal and recovered the vehicle in Daveyton Johannesburg.  
The vehicle happened to be on its way to Mozambique , the suspect was an elderly man claiming to be on his way to attend a funeral in Mozambique. 

The vin number had been changed on numerous parts of the chassis, however not on the dashboard. The registration and disk had been changed. The vehicle also had other companies tracking device installed however that unit was ripped out minutes after the vehicle was hijacked. Without the Tracetec tag this vehicle was as good as gone. All documentation with the new registration looked authentic.

SAPS arrested the suspect and impounded the vehicle and further investigations are underway.
Whilst on the recovery scene a passing truck drove into the open door of the Vogue narrowly missing the METRO police on scene and attempted to get away. The police caught up with the truck and the driver was taken in for a hit and run. 
A great recovery, hard work and dedication.