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Tracetec News


Tracetec received a call from a client informing us their vehicle had just been stolen in Randfontein Johannesburg. The vehicle belongs to a vehicle rental company.

Recovery agents were dispatched and SAPS notified.
Agents pinged the vehicle and made the recovery on the N12 Delmas with 3 suspects, one was driving a VW polo escorting the NP200. 
The vehicle was on its way to Mozambique, the vin number had been grinded off and replaced. The registration plates were changed to a number plate belonging to a written off NP200 that was salvaged. 

If it weren’t for the tag and data dot identification, the vehicle was as good as gone. Police on scene and the pound almost released the vehicle back to the suspects but the tag was installed on an immovable part of the vehicle and there were numerous data dots all over the vehicle as well. 

One specific insurance company’s investigators were a great assistance as well and together with Tracetec identified the vehicle. 
SAPS arrested the suspects and further investigations are underway.
Well done to all on this great recovery and attention to detail.