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Trace Sure

For an additional R15.13 per month (R115.00 including your monthly subscription), you can “insure” your Tracetec tag. This means that when your tag reaches end of life (usually between 3 and 5 years) Tracetec will install a new tag in your vehicle free of charge.

For clients who do not subscribe to Tracesure, out of warranty tags (tags older than 3 years) will need to be replaced at the client’s cost (see our Terms and Conditions on the Tracetec website). Tracesure is also available to existing Tracetec clients but only if your tag is less than 12 months old. Vehicles/assets fitted with a recovery tag older than 12 months do not qualify for Tracesure.

Please note that Tracesure does not apply in the case of in warranty tag replacements (faulty tags that are less than 3 years old). In warranty replacements are free of charge to ALL Tracetec clients and will have no impact on Tracesure clients. Please note that Tracetec’s Standard Terms and Conditions will apply to this product. For further information or to subscribe to Tracesure, please contact the Tracetec Sales Department.