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TRACETEC PTY LTD is a vehicle tracker system aiding in the recovery of a stolen vehicle or asset. If you are thinking of buying a modern and often expensive asset, you may want to consider installing a vehicle tracker to aid in the recovery of your vehicle in the unfortunate event of a theft.

TRACETEC PTY LTD is the most affordable vehicle tracker on the market today. Our product is a quarter to half the price of other vehicle tracking systems available on the market today. We have also the most comprehensive vehicle tracking system, installation on all vehicles and marine craft is possible, including bikes, quads, cars, trucks, jet skis, off-road vehicles and trailers.

TRACETEC PTY LTD vehicle tracker system also has no fixed term contract, you are able to cancel at any time whereas most other companies have 2-3 year contracts.

The TRACETEC PTY LTD vehicle tracker works on a point-to-point vehicle tracking system, using a transmitter. If your car is stolen you are able to notify our control centre 24-hours, seven days a week. Your vehicle tracker number will then be “red-flagged”, if your stolen vehicle passes any of our countrywide beacons, a response team will immediately start the process of vehicle recovery.

Our vehicle tracker is a small device which is easily concealed. Installation is also made convenient by our network of mobile fitters. Tractec’s mobile fitters are able to install your vehicle tracker at your home, place of business and also at the dealership before you take possession of your car or asset. Our mobile fitters do not need to cut any wires in your vehicle when installing the vehicle tracker, as most other companies do which can lead to electrical problems and future faults. TRACETEC PTY LTD’s vehicle transmitters are high-tech and reliable.

TRACETEC PTY LTD’s car tracer system is fully approved by the South African Insurance Association, allowing you to meet all your insurance requirements. Having a vehicle tracker in your vehicle is a means to ensure possible vehicle recovery after the event of a theft. The South African Insurance Association audits TRACETEC PTY LTD’s recovery rate and our recovery rate exceeds the minimum 70% recovery incidents.

After spending a lot of your money on securing an asset such as a car, or marine craft, to have a tracking system is a precautionary method of ensuring that your expensive asset will possibly be returned to you after a theft. Get your system today, by ordering now on our online form. Browse our website and find information about recovery, pricing, accreditation, installation and product info, and us, tracking. It is all on our website. Make sure your car is fitted with our vehicle tracker system. We will work on getting your car recovered – when it gets stolen. Get a tracking system or a tracking device.