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Vehicle Tracking Device

If you are thinking of buying a modern, expensive asset, or if you already own this asset, you may consider installing a vehicle tracking device. If you are unfortunate enough to have your asset stolen, having a vehicle tracking device on this asset is an effective means to vehicle and asset recovery.

TRACETEC PTY LTD is a comprehensive and affordable product.
TRACETEC PTY LTD is priced at a quarter to half the price of comparable vehicle tracking systems found on the market today. Our tracking device is able to be installed in all vehicles, including bikes, cars, trucks, trailers, jet-skis, quad bikes, off-road vehicles and trailers.
TRACETEC PTY LTD tracking device is small and concealable, it is not necessary to cut through vehicle wires to install our vehicle tracking device, a process often used by many other vehicle tracking systems, which can lead to electrical faults.

The TRACETEC PTY LTD vehicle tracking installation is convenient, we have a network of mobile fitters, who are able to come to you wherever you are, at your leisure. Our mobile fitters are also able to install your vehicle tracking device at the vehicle dealership before you take possession of your asset.

Unlike most other vehicle tracking companies in South Africa, who require a 2-3 year contract upon installation of vehicle tracking device, TRACETEC PTY LTD has no fixed term contract and you are able to cancel your vehicle tracking service whenever you like.

TRACETEC PTY LTD vehicle tracking and recovery works on a point-to-point system. In the unfortunate event of a vehicle theft, you are able to call our 24-hour, seven days a week control centre. The tracking device number will be “red-flagged” and if your vehicle passes any of our countrywide beacons, our control centre will be alerted and response teams sent to recover your stolen vehicle.

TRACETEC PTY LTD vehicle tracking device has been fully approved by the South African Insurance Association, ensuring all your insurance requirements are met.

TRACETEC PTY LTD’s recovery rate has also been audited by the South African Insurance Association, which exceeds the minimum requirement of 70% of incidents.

After spending so much money on your personal asset, it is a great relief to know that if your asset is stolen at any point in the future that there is a possible recovery of this asset to you. Having a vehicle tracking device on your asset is a peace-of mind precaution.

You can get your vehicle tracking device in the following provinces: The Eastern Cape, Gauteng, Kwazulu Natal, Mpumalanga, North Western Province, Northern Cape, Freestate, and the Western Cape. Start today by signing up.

Vehicle Tracking Device