Active RF Products

In Partnership with Wavetrend we design, create and deliver Active RFID and Internet of Things technology for connecting things that matter – saving time, energy, money and lives.

Working closely with sector specific partners enables our technology to be at the heart of innovative real time tracking, monitoring and management solutions for both people and assets across a broad range of industries around the world.


Tracetec offer a range of hardware products for the real-time tracking of people and assets including Active RFID TagsReaders, and Antennas which can be deployed to create a comprehensive Active RFID infrastructure.
Tracetec Tags are classified as PEOPLE and ASSET TAGS and can be enhanced with a number of options to address specific application requirements.
We offer several different types of Active Readers to meet a variety of connectivity requirements including Serial, WiFi or Ethernet/LAN POE ensuring an appropriate choice for each application.
Tracetec supply a wide range of Antennas enabling precise solutions for different application requirements.


Tracetec offer a range of Active RFID Readers to meet a variety of connectivity requirements including Serial, WiFi or Ethernet/LAN POE ensuring an appropriate choice for each application.


Tracetec offer a range of Active RFID Tags to monitor

Temperature and Humidity

Accelerometer and motion

Personnel Tag for Intrinsically Safe Environments

Asset Tracking

Smart Connected Devices

Tracetec has a range of IOT smart devices which have been developed to measure water temperature, pressure and pulse to enable detailed reports and analysis on water conditions. These devices offer a cost-effective and attractive alternative to traditional inspections and are able to provide daily reports.  


Our Active RFID technology is suitable for the protection of paintings, display cases, sculptures and other valuable artefacts in museums, galleries, private collections, office buildings, places of worship and for art in transit.

Tracetec's products meet the most stringent security and monitoring requirements enabling 24/7 real time protection against theft, damage, and adverse environmental conditions.

Wavetrend and its partners work together to ensure:
  • discrete monitoring of all artworks for attempted theft, contact, accidental damage, and changes in local temperature and humidity
  • ease of collection management for curators from one museum to another; all assets can be managed and monitored from multiple PCs in different locations simultaneously
  • artworks are secure even when off the wall, moving into or from storage, or during a fit-out
  • artworks can be moved quickly in case of fire or flood as no security fixings are required
  • our technology is designed to be fully integrated with existing security infrastructures including CCTV, SMS, VMS, digital mobile radio and intruder detection systems
  • real time audit of artwork or other valuable assets.

Museums and galleries have extraordinarily valuable assets to protect, with inventories valued in the multiple millions, if not billions, of dollars. The cost to commission and install an Active RFID security system is less than one or two major pieces of artwork, or a small percentage of the total value protected, making the realisation of ROI on an RFID-based system the norm, rather than the exception.

With its long read ranges and ability to perform in harsh, wet and on-metal environments, Tracetec’s Active RFID technology is well suited to most construction industry applications, including:

  • inventory and equipment security
  • access control to sensitive areas/machinery
  • emergency staff communication and evacuation
  • time and attendance management
  • automated construction equipment leasing/plant hire
  • out-of-hours security at construction sites.

In the construction sector, Wavetrend and its partners have established a reputation for comprehensive, cost-effective management and tracking solutions that greatly improve on-site efficiency and safety for building and engineering projects.

Our products provide those organisations involved in the provision of solutions for logistics and fleet management with the key information to:
  • create a superior supply chain system with minimal investment
  • track freight, vehicles and other assets in real time
  • prevent theft and unauthorised use of vehicles
  • benefit from Wavetrend’s weather and shock-resistant RFID hardware, offering fully reliable reporting even in the worst conditions
  • further enhance asset and vehicle security with our add-on sensors, providing information about temperature, humidity and vibration
  • receive instant alerts about unexpected events such as unauthorised container opening, loss of tagged assets, attempted tampering or excessively rough handling  that could damage goods in transit.

Tracetec’s Active RFID technology is proven in enabling fail-safe customised security solutions which deliver both heightened protection and vastly improved operational efficiency. 

Wavetrend’s technology supports accurate, efficient solutions to a variety of access control requirements including:

  • tracking of all on-site temporary visitors and permanent staff
  • restricting access to potentially dangerous areas or restricting exit for vulnerable patients or inmates
  • ensuring protected areas are only accessed by authorised people
  • receiving instant hazard warnings, dramatically reducing response times in emergencies
  • closely monitoring potential security threats, allowing a rapid, targeted response
  • monitoring time and attendance or mandatory activity schedules
  • reducing the workload and resource requirements of a secure facility through accurate tracking of inmates/patients and key personnel
  • compliance with government and industry regulations through detailed audits and reporting
  • creating comprehensive personnel, asset and activity reports to support accurate inventory control at all times
  • enabling reliable gate control for secure sites and gated communities
  • providing automation of manual tasks, such as allowing vehicle access to gated areas
  • complete personnel movement traceability should a security problem occur.

Wavetrend’s Active RFID technology is proven in enabling fail-safe customised security solutions which deliver both heightened protection and vastly improved operational efficiency. 

Tracetec's rugged Active RFID products are specifically engineered to withstand the harshest environments providing our partners in the mining and tunnelling sector with the ideal solution for addressing the important issues of workforce protection and hazard monitoring

Wavetrend’s partners provide systems using our Active RFID technology to:

  • minimise safety risks by restricting access to potentially dangerous areas
  • count workers in and out of sensitive zones
  • dramatically reduce evacuation times
  • track RFID tagged assets and reduce downtime due to lost or stolen equipment
  • automatically record and reconcile staff at muster stations in the event of an emergency
  • comply with industry regulations to provide accurate safety reports.

Wavetrend’s superior Active RFID technology can integrate seamlessly with existing systems to ensure a compliant, secure and productive environment for all personnel within the mining and tunnelling sector.