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RECOVERY NEWS: Recovered Toyota Hilux – 1 SUSPECT

Tracetec`s Client called in and spoke to the 24-hour emergency control room, he notified us that his vehicle had been stolen from Krugersdorp, Johannesburg. Recovery Agents were dispatched and SAPS was also notified.

The Ground Team recovered the vehicle in Benoni, Johannesburg with one Suspect. No visible damages on the exterior of the Vehicle. The Vehicle had been stripped on the interior; the suspects were looking for the Tracking device.

They found a wired tracking device of which did not belong to Tracetec, the device had been disconnected and thrown on the floor in the vehicle. Upon recovery, the Agents found that the canopy of the Hilux was missing as well as the brand-new microwave.

The registration plates had also been changed. Tracetec Agents found a number of bullets on the passenger seat however upon searching they did not find a gun. The suspect informed the Ground Team that he received the vehicle from another person.

It is possible that the canopy could be in Mansionville. The vehicle and suspect were handed over to the Benoni Flying Squad and the Tracetec Recovery Agents stood down.

Thanks to Tracetec`s wireless Recovery Tag which could not be traced and our hard working, determined Agents, we recovered the vehicle. Thank you to everyone involved in the fantastic Recovery.