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Tracetec Published by Cara-Jade Shackleford · 4 t7mSp26Feburuua6ryn3s at 1or805:13i0d · RECOVERED HONDA JAZZ As seen in these pictures, the vehicle had been stripped in an attempt to look for a tracking device, the suspects do this the second they take the vehicle. Thus, the reason why we rely on our wireless Recovery Tag for recoveries, this device is very small and can be Installed anywhere in the vehicle. Should we only have Installed a live monitoring device in this vehicle, the device would have been removed within minutes and unfortunately the vehicle would likely disappear, possibly forever. It brings us great happiness contacting our Client’s to notify them of the recovery and bring them a sense of relief, all thanks to our little Recovery Tag and our hardworking, dedicated Recovery Agents. This Honda Jazz was stolen from a Sasol Garage in Robertsham Joburg and recovered in Soweto. The vehicle was Botswana registered and on recovery we noted that the registration plates as well as the license disk had been changed in order to take it across border to Mozambique. Well done to the recovery agents involved as well as the police who responded to take over the scene and impound the vehicle.

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