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Recovered Compressor


Tracetec`s client contacted our 24-hour control room to report one of their compressors stolen.
The compressor was taken from a construction site in Sandringham, Johannesburg.
Recovery Agents where dispatched and SAPS notified of the theft.
A Mazda sedan drove onto the construction site and held up the security guard at gunpoint all while there where many construction workers on the premises.
Suspects proceeded to hook up the compressor to the vehicle and had also managed to take +- 20 solar panels.
The Tracetec tag pinged on our strategically placed RF signal towers and was thereafter recovered in the front yard of a house in Tembisa, Johannesburg.
There was a young girl who was studying in the house at the time of the recovery. She had cooperated with the police to apprehend the main suspect. 
The compressor was handed over to SAPS where it was thereafter impounded.

Well done to all Agents and SAPS involved.