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Recovery News:

Recovered Lexus LX450D Tracetec was notified of a stolen Lexus LX450D from Blairgowrie, JHB. The vehicle had both of Tracetec`s devices, the wireless RF Recovery Tag as well as the Live-Monitoring GPS device. Recovery Agents where dispatched and SAPS notified. The Live-Monitoring device was compromised within minutes of the theft due to the wiring being one of the first places a suspect would usually go to in order to find a tracking device. The Lexus was recovered on the wireless RF Recovery Tag. Due to the device being incredibly small and Tracetec having the ability to place it anywhere in the vehicle it makes it incredibly difficult to find. The chase commenced and the recovery took place in Kamatipoort, Mpumalanga on its way to Mozambique. Some panels had been tampered with and the vin, plates and engine number had been changed. Two suspects were detained and the vehicle impounded. The owner of the Lexus will be able to claim his vehicle after forensics is completed by Police. What a brilliant recovery. Well done to everyone involved.